Two years ago, a small group of artists took an abandoned fix-it garage in the heart of Fairfax and made magic. The Garage was a collective, many makers offering goods ranging from found objects to handcrafted masterpieces.

From The Garage is birthed The Shop. Four artists have emerged from the creative cocoon that was The Garage to spread their wings in a former post office. The lovely old 1859 building on the Star Route One in Olema is directly over the San Andreas fault. The Victorian is askew, rocked in 1906. It is now rocking again.

Where The Garage was a gorgeous jumble, The Shop is a curated jewel-box. Whether handmade or handpicked, every object is unique, well-made, functional and beautifully designed. Northern California classics, vintage finds and practical provisions make for an Uncommon Mercantile.

The space was designed by the artists collaboratively. The Shop itself is perhaps these artists’ greatest work, every inch touched by their hands. In it is housed many small wonders.

Magic is fleeting and hard to pin down. The Shop is magic; shifting, morphing, never the same twice. Welcome.